Writing for KidzMatter Magazine

As a practical hands-on publication, KidzMatter Magazine editorial content is written by and for people in the front lines of children’s ministry. Articles by those with no ministry experience will not typically be accepted for publication.

What are we looking for?

Simple. Let us learn from your successes. Tell us what is working for you. Got a great game? A new way to get generic red juice drink out of the carpet? A magic machine that produces nursery workers? Tell us about it and include some pictures! Let us learn from your mistakes. What did you do that did NOT work? We hear success stories constantly. It’s time to hear about the big flops. Let’s laugh and learn together. Your flop might land its way into the Oops File! 

Submitting Your Articles

We prefer that submissions be sent via email attachment as a Word document.

Articles should:

  • Have a word count of 1200-1300 words
  • Use the NASB for any scripture quotations
  • Include a recommended title and subtitle
  • Include a 2-sentence lighthearted bio.
  • We appreciate receiving adjunct information to accompany the article (such as photos, sidebars, list of resources, videos), but these are not required for publication.

What’cha waiting for?