Come Sit With Us


From The World of Kids, published in KidzMatter Magazine.

Lunchtime bullying is a common but painful reality in school cafeterias. But one California teen decided to use her own negative experience to address this problem and make a difference in the lives of others. After suffering three attacks in two weeks, Natalie Hampton had had enough. “So many people walked back and forth in front of my table, and all I wanted to hear was: ‘Hey, are you OK? Come sit with us,’” Natalie said.

Those words have now been transformed into a free app called “Sit With Us.” Natalie designed this app to connect students in need of company with other welcoming students, giving them a place to belong. CBS News reports that the app now has over 100,000 users in eight countries.

Natalie’s idea is doing more than just uniting students one lunch period at a time. She’s also inspiring other students, like eighth-grader Lola Clark, to take action. She created a "Sit With Us" club, providing the same service at her school, since school policy don't allow cellphones.

Natalie is discovering her own voice. "Using my story to help others has given me strength and confidence that I never knew I had."

•    What specific ways can our ministries reinforce the importance of inclusion with our kids?
•    How can we both challenge and empower kids to make a difference in their world?
•    How could this idea be translated in public schools?


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