Cookies and Cocoa: A Family Event

Cookies and Cocoa: A Family Event

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Host a low-prep, low-pressure family event with Cookies & Cocoa! Families will join you for a night of games, decorating cookies for a special group you choose, discussing God’s love, and of course, enjoying treats themselves.

This event includes three main elements:

1. Families having FUN and connecting through games and conversation

2. Decorating cookies for a special community group (eg. first responders or a nursing home) and discussing sharing God’s love

3. Eating cookies & hot cocoa in a relaxing, family-friendly environment

Families (and YOU!) will love this night out to connect during the busy Christmas season – and this download provides you with exactly what you need to pull it off!

This download includes:

  • A detailed how-to guide including a planning checklist, game ideas, decorating ideas & more (.docx)
  • A script for you to use to emcee/host/lead this event (.docx)
  • Discussion questions for families (.docx)
  • Registration forms (PDF and .docx)
  • Sample emails and memos to use to share info about the event and follow up (.docx)
  • 3 social media images (.png) & 2 posters (PDF and .docx) 

Please note: You will have to purchase supplies and cookies for this event! This download is a guide to putting on the event.