The Lights of Christmas: An Easy Christmas Production

The Lights of Christmas: An Easy Christmas Production

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This simple Christmas production will have you smiling and on your way to a great, memorable Christmas in no time. The Lights of Christmas can be customized to include any number of kids (minimum recommended is 7). Kids participate in a variety of scenes to tell the Christmas story from a unique perspective, focusing on its lights, and ultimately the true light of Christmas – Jesus.

The lines for kids are simple, memorable and in rhyme, accompanied by narrations that can be completed by an older student, preteen, youth or even an adult! Production notes include suggestions on set (hint – it’s minimal!), costumes, and more. You’ll love this simple but powerful production that parents and kids will remember.

When we originally performed this in our church, it took us about 60 minutes – including a performance by an adult choir and a devotional from our lead pastor. The script itself will take about 35 minutes. If you need to lengthen your performance, I’ve included a list of supplementary songs you could incorporate as solos, group songs, or adult performances.

Links for the songs mentioned in this production are included but must be purchased to be used in this play! Even without the music, this a great and easy Christmas production.

This download includes:

  • editable script
  • production notes
  • social media images that can be edited (png) – including Facebook, Instagram and Story images
  • poster template and a presentation graphic