Omnipresent God Lesson

Omnipresent God Lesson

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In this lesson David Laflin shares that no matter where we are or where we go, God is always with us! He is omnipresent- we can always rely on Him.

Watch as David "pulls a rabbit from a hat", then go behind the scenes as David teaches you how to tie three ropes into three circles- then make them become one circle!  This fun illusion will remind you that God is always with you. He is omnipresent.

Purchase a church license to share this lesson with families in your church.  You can share the content in-person at your church, post it on your church's website, email to all your church families and visitors, or a combination of any of these.  

This is a fantastic hands-on way for families to stay connected and engaged with their local church.

See the preview video here: