Omniscient God Lesson

Omniscient God Lesson

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This 12 minute lesson teaches that we learn that God knows everything- He is omniscient! 

Watch as David shares what it means that God is omniscient. See an amazing illusions, and learn to do an illusion with simple objects in your home!

This lesson is a breeze to use. The lesson includes a lesson outline, Gideon coloring pages, PDF instructions for the rocket craft, and simple graphics.

Typical Preparation Time:  5-10 minutes

Typical Time Needed for Complete Lesson and Craft:  25-30 minutes

How to for Church Leaders

*This can be used either in your church, or you can send the needed craft supplies home to your families. Please feel free to add a personal message from you to the video before passing on to your families.

Purchase a church license to share this lesson with families in your church. You can share the content in-person at your church, post it on your church's website, email to all your church families and visitors, or a combination of any of these.  

This is a fantastic hands-on way for families to stay connected and engaged with their local church.

See the preview video here: