Hungry & Thirsty: A Yancy Worship Video

Hungry & Thirsty: A Yancy Worship Video

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Yancy is back with her friend Funny Man Dan from Australia and Hillsong Kids.

This song is about the Bible lesson of hungering and thirsting for more of God. It’s a big concept for kids to learn and Funny Man Dan asks all the questions they would ask. Adding some light-hearted banter to make this truth come alive and stick. Just like physical food makes your body strong, the spiritual food of reading the Bible and praying will fill you up and make you strong. This joyful, rock groove will have you singing along in no time. Put it on repeat and have a praise party. No snacks required! You get two versions of this song. One with Funny Man Dan and one without so that you can utilize the song in whatever way serves your ministry best.

Full mix and stereo track with background vocals included.

See the preview video here: