Ryan's Inner Circle is the Ultimate Kidmin Bundle!


Ryan Frank offers the best in coaching, curriculum, and more at a price that fits any budget.

Only $9.99/month.



High level athletes and leaders have coaches. You need one, too.

Deuteronomy 32:30 reminds us that one can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight. Two is not twice as powerful as one. Two is ten times as powerful as one! There is power when you have someone beside you.

I want to help you get ahead! I know that you need a coach, and I want to mentor you every month. As part of Ryan's Inner Circle, you'll join me for a live group coaching call. I'll give you a subscription to KidzMatter Magazine so you can stay connected and relevant in children's ministry.  I'll also give you KidzMatter Curriculum (for preschool and elementary) every month -- a curriculum trusted by thousands of churches.

Maybe you've read one of my books or you've heard me teach at an event or online. I'm so humbled and blessed to be able to equip thousands of children's pastors around the world. Now let me help you! Get the support and resources you need to lead your children's ministry with confidence by joining Ryan's Inner Circle today.



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GIFT BOX in the mail

When you join, you'll receive a gift box in the mail that includes an autographed book from Ryan Frank and another surprise!
Retail Value: $35

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coaching calls 

Every month you will join Ryan for a live video conference call online. During these coaching sessions, Ryan shares practical ministry training and ends by answering your questions. 
Retail Value: $20/month or $240/year

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You will receive access to the KidzMatter membership site where you can access all of the archived coaching calls. This library of training will grow the longer you are a member of the Inner Circle. 

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As a member, you'll recieve a subscription to KidzMatter Magazine Print + Digital. You'll love receiving this amazing magazine in your mailbox and your email Inbox!
Retail Value: $20

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Every month, KidzMatter releases a new unit of preschool curriculum in our store. This curriculum is written by Tina Houser and is perfect for ages 3-5. As a member of the Inner Circle, this curriculum is yours entirely free. We will deliver it to you every month in our membership site.  
Click here to download a sample lesson. 
Retail Value: $29/month or $350/year

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KidzMatter also releases a new unit of elementary curriculum in our store each month. This curriculum is written by Tina Houser and is created for grades 1-6. As a member of the Inner Circle, you get the curriculum entirely free. We will deliver it to you every month in our membership site.
Click here to download a sample lesson. 
Retail Value: $29/month or $350/year

CURRENT series:

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Save 10% on all Ryan Frank courses and purchases in the KidzMatter store.


The total value of these resources is $85/month or $1,000/year.

You can join Ryan's Inner Circle today for only $9.99/month or $99/year.

There is no contract and you can cancel anytime.


Sitting under the teaching of Ryan Frank has challenged me to grow as a Children’s Minister and in my personal walk with Christ. He has helped me to be more effective at leading in ministry.
— Christy Marie Mayfield
Ryan’s teaching is more than just teaching, it becomes a relationship! You actually feel like you know Ryan as he’s teaching and that he really understands exactly where you are in ministry and what you need.
— Jack Henry
I am brand new to ministry! In the past six months, I have taken several of Ryan Frank’s classes. They are packed full of ideas and information that has made my job so much easier!
— Brandy Yell
Ryan does an excellent job presenting topics that are important to children’s ministry. Not only will you learn information, but how to apply it to your ministry — whether you are a paid staff member or volunteer!
— Michelle Wilson Bragg