Looking to grow your ministry’s impact plus grow your personal leadership skills? My Kidmin Mentorship provides monthly support and training to steadily increase your knowledge, effectiveness, and influence, which will develop your team’s ability to minister to the children and their families in your church.

Daily life can be busy and stressful, but with limited time invested each month in your Kidmin Mentorship, you can increase your ability to manage the process and give you the confidence to reduce the stressful uncertainly of your weekly grind. I’d love to have you join me.

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GIFT BOX in the mail

When you join, you'll receive a gift box in the mail that includes A SIGNED book from Ryan Frank!

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A monthly group coaching session with Ryan Frank

Every month you will join Ryan for a coaching session online. During these sessions, Ryan shares practical ministry training and ends by answering your questions.

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A monthly training to share with your volunteers

Ryan will create a monthly audio and video training for your volunteers! This very practical training will help you motivate, train and keep your volunteers. Each training will be easy for you to share with your team.

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As a member, you'll receive a subscription to KidzMatter Magazine. This is the magazine that Ryan publishes each quarter. It is chock-full of helpful articles and resources you need to know about as a kidmin leader. You’ll love receiving this amazing magazine in your mailbox and your email Inbox!

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Access to Ryan Frank & others in a closed Facebook Group

Your Kidmin Mentorship is hosted within a closed Facebook Group. You’ll find the training and help you need here every month, You can also ask Ryan and others members of the group questions to help you in your ministry journey.

Sign up now and have Ryan as your personal Kidmin Mentor to help you grow your ministry’s impact and your personal leadership skills. You won’t regret it!




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Sitting under the teaching of Ryan Frank has challenged me to grow as a Children’s Minister and in my personal walk with Christ. He has helped me to be more effective at leading in ministry.
— Christy Marie Mayfield
Ryan’s teaching is more than just teaching, it becomes a relationship! You actually feel like you know Ryan as he’s teaching and that he really understands exactly where you are in ministry and what you need.
— Jack Henry
I am brand new to ministry! In the past six months, I have taken several of Ryan Frank’s classes. They are packed full of ideas and information that has made my job so much easier!
— Brandy Yell
Ryan does an excellent job presenting topics that are important to children’s ministry. Not only will you learn information, but how to apply it to your ministry — whether you are a paid staff member or volunteer!
— Michelle Wilson Bragg