Leadership Recharge with Jack Henry

Join Jack Henry in a podcast devoted to bringing encouragement to leaders of youth and children ministries, and beyond!

Listen in as Jack speaks on how we can make an impact!

After a week off, Jack is back! Listen in as Jack Henry uncovers to discover God's plan for you life!

We celebrate His resurrection own Easter, but before this He had to die! And oh what a horrible death it was! Follow me as I try to paint a picture of what Jesus went through.

Are we really thirsty for God? What does this even mean? Do we understand that this is a life or death situation? Listen in and learn what David, and other Patriarchs had to say about all of this!

When you think about worship in a kid's service, what comes to mind? Is it simply something to fill time or to check off a box? Or is it genuinely leading kids into a worship experience? In this episode, guest host Yancy talks about how we can go from just singing songs to worshiping with kids!

Outside of having a great ministry for kids on Sundays or Wednesday nights, we tend to miss how we can connect with families the rest of the week. That is why connecting beyond the classroom in kidmin is vitally important to building relationships with families and giving them the care and attention they need. In this episode, Guest Host Roger Stuart (Children's Pastor at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL) shares some valuable some tips to help you connect beyond your kidmin classrooms and transform your ministry!

Whether it’s low self-esteem, business, or even pride, these are all signs of a lost identity. In this episode, guest host Jamey Winters talks about how we can find our self-worth.

We all love and look forward to hearing about the characters of Christmas each year. We even put some at the birth of Christ that don't even belong in the narrative! But one man that certainly belongs is Simeon! He met the Christ-child only 8 days after his birth and what he had to say should make us all sit up and take heed. In this podcast, we will learn 3 important life lessons from this man named Simeon.

Has anyone ever told you to follow the advice of Satan? Probably not! In this episode today, you will be encouraged to do something Satan is doing, but on a much higher level! The game is on and is being intensified more than ever in history! Are you prepared as a leader to answer the call. After this podcast today, you will be!

A “power-up” is “an object in a video game which instantly adds to the life, armor, strength or score of a player.” Basically, they are bonuses that players earn during the game to gain an advantage such as size, speed, or super strength. They help your character overcome obstacles and challenges with more firepower or a special ability to defeat the enemies. How many of you have ever wished that “power-ups” were available for real life? It would be great to have a power-up for some situations that arise in ministry right? That would be pretty awesome! Well, believe it or not, there is a power-up available to all of us! And that’s what I want to spend the next few minutes on with you.

This podcast is about the fact that all leaders are evaluated whether we like it or not! Evaluation is not judgement, it is a process that all leaders go through on a continual basis where other will determine whether or not they will follow us. Here are some ways that we as leaders can do better!

A place of leadership is a place of tremendous responsibility. It is a place where a leader's faith is on public display. The responsibility of a leader to live in that faith carries great weight! In this episode, Jack Henry talks about the cost of leadership, but also the reward. Take a listen!

We work hard on our spiritual life, or at least we should. But we also need to recognize the importance of paying attention to our physical health, as well. They're both tied together! In this episode, Jack Henry looks at the often overlooked principles of self-care as it relates to our bodies.

What are we known for as Christians in our world today? In this tumultuous world of political and social upheaval, pandemic, and fear, we need to be aware as believers of how our actions and reactions look to those around us. In this episode, Jack Henry tells us what the Bible says we should be known for in times of trouble. Listen in!

Join Jack Henry as he tells us how we can encourage ourselves in the Lord!