Meet Our Team

These are the amazing people who make KidzMatter happen. With a shared passion for children's ministry, our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring you engaging content and valuable resources to help you lead children and families. 


KidzMatter Corporate Team

Rhonda Booher | Finance Director & Office Manager

Sarah Carroll | Associate Publisher & Sales Director

Jordan Davis | KidzMatter PRO Director

Beth Frank | Founder & Publisher 

Judy Frank | Kidmin Academy Student Care 

Ryan Frank | Founder & Publisher 

Monika Hollars | Assistant to Beth Frank

Nicole Jones | KidzMatter Publishing Director

Taylor Jones | Associate Editor

Angie Steely | Customer Care & Subscription Manager

Benjamin Swygart | Art Director 

Isaac Tate | Podcast Manager


The KidzMatter Conference Team

Tracey Adkins | Volunteer Team Leader

Karen Bishir | Food and Logistics Team Leader

Jamie Fleming | Breakouts Team Leader

Corey Jones | Social Media Team Leader

Nicole Jones | Production Team Leader

Stanley Mearse | Security Team Leader

Kiani Pendergrass | Hospitality Team Leader

Aleshia Ruehl | Special Events Team Leader

Brandon Rushin | Entertainment Team Leader

Isaac Tate | Tech Team Leader