Navigating Preteen Ministry

Join me, Sam Beam, a learning Preteen pastor as we navigate the lives of preteens and discuss how to minister and lead, students, teams, and others.

Improving our weeks and our events are huge, but the most important thing is us. This week, let's look at some ways we can create systems in our lives to help us grow as we grow our ministry!


Events are a huge part of our ministry and also a huge undertaking. However, there are ways we can create systems to help them flow better. This week, let's dive into some ways we can create systems to help our events!


Families are one of the biggest influences in a preteen's life and as culture changes, so does the family dynamic. So how is this affecting our preteens?


The way our preteens are being taught to see the world and see themselves has shifted majorly in this generation into a more and more self-focused world view. So how can we as pastors walk along our preteens facing these ideas?


Culture is exposing our preteens to WAY too much. From unrestricted access to inappropriate conversations, preteens are seeing, hearing, and experiencing more than ever at way too young of an age.


Culture is changing our preteens in this 4 part series we're looking at what is changing our preteens and how we can support them as culture changes! Today we look at how culture is growing our preteens too fast!


We've gone through creating, planning, growing, and executing the vision. Lastly, we need to keep growing. Keep growing and keep seeking God's voice in our ministry!


Getting families connected is the ulimtate goal of our Vision! This week let's break down how to connect our parents and ultimately the who family to the vision!


Getting families connected is the ulimtate goal of our Vision! This week let's break down how to connect our Preteens to the vision and then next week we'll look at parents and ultimately the family as a whole!


We can plan all we want but eventually we need our team to take our vision. We cannot carry our vision on our own and it is our job as leaders to not just cultivate the vision but to share it with our team!


What happens when we get our ministries true vision? We have to put it to plan! Today we break down some ways we can go from a mental vision to a concrete plan!


Vision + God = True Vision. Today we kick off our vision series as we look at how we can carry a vision from an idea to a reality in our ministry starting off with understanding God's vision in our ministry.


No matter what we think, things are shiftining in our culture and the things out kids are walking in to are ever changing and the pressure if ever growing. Today let's talk about some of the things our kids will face this school year and how we can walk beside them in it!


The School year is coming in hot and having resources in your back pocket can make a huge difference! Today lets jump in and look at some of the best resources out there for your preteen ministry!


Preteens are changing faster than we can. Today we talk about some of the things we may be overlooking when it comes to our preteen's lives.


On part two as we look into how COVID has changed our recruitment stratagies let's look at volunteers needs to CONNECT and have a ROLE in your ministry


Covid left a lasting change on our volunteer recruitment strategies. In this two part podcast lets dive into the trends we've seen when it comes to recruiting and how we need to change our strategies to better recruit volunteers for our teams!


Ministry is tough and it's tougher when things are stealing the life out of it. Today let's talk about 3 things that could be robbing out kids ministries?


Today we break down some core ideas of leading in kidmin from a talk by Sean Hill at the Watermark Church Leaders Conference.


Ministry is exhausting and in order to stay here long, we need to figure out what makes us tired and how to combat that. Today, we dive into 7 reasons we may be tired from Watermark's CLC!



For lasting Spiritual growth to happen parents need to understand their resposibilty to be a Spiritual leader in their students life. In this two part series we dive into how we can create a culture of resposibilty in parents for their kids Spiritual development!


The reality is 1, maybe 2 hours a week with preteens simply isn't enough to leave lasting spiritual impact in their lives. The other reality is we cannot be everywhere at once! So how do we extend this reach and create a deeper impact in our students?


We all know these days that attention is an important commodity, so how do we keep it these days with all the distractions this world has to offer?


What does our space say about our ministry? Today we dive into what things our space may be missing and how we can create an enviroment that brings students in again and again.


We've all had them. A student or students having a bad day, causing disruptions, being to loud, but how do we handle those issues? Today I break down some things I'm learning when it comes to approaching these issues!


We've all heard it...but what do we do about it? Today we break down what it looks like to approach students struggling with the sudden reality that life is not fair!


Youtube is everywhere these days, but should your ministry have one?


Students can be a handful and sometimes cause issues, but the reality is there can be many factors playing into students' behaviors. Today we look at ADHD and some of the issues with face when ministering to children with it, and how we can love, support, and help these students grow!


Roadblocks, speed bumps, and brick walls pop up all the time in our ministry, but what if we can turn the bumps into boosts and add value to our ministry through them? Check out today's episode as we dive into this idea.


Setting your team up for success while you're away is super important, it takes a load off you and keeps your team strong. Today we discuss some of the things I've learned on prepping the team!


Events are great, but figuring out the best for your ministry can be hard. Check out this episode for some great ideas on events you can do and the benefits they can bring!


Everyone needs guidance and different perspectives to grow. Today we're breaking down 5 of the best influences for a leader to grow!


Knowing our why is crucial, but what if we don't have our whys? This week let's dive into our whys and discover them.


We do a lot of things in our ministry. However, sometimes we do things without a reason. Knowing out why allows us to ensure everything we do has a goal and allows us to explain our mission!


How can we practically walk out a partnership with parents? This week let's talk 10 things we can do to walk beside our preteen families and encourage them to grow!


What keeps us from partnering with parents? Today we look at some of the mentalities that keep us from ministering to families as best as we can.


LIVE FROM MegaCon - Conflict resolution can be daunting and difficult some days with preteens. Today we discuss a 3 step way to approach and deal with conflict in preteens!


Bringing family into the ministry is huge! This week let's dive into what we need as our foundation for a family-based ministry.


Pre-service in ministry is often overlooked. A few things to do should work, right? With more students feeling isolated we need to turn our pre-service ministry into a time of connection and ministry, how do we do it? Fun!


Simplicity and slowing down go hand in hand, removing clutter and slowing down is important to live well and minister well. This week we discuss the impacts these ideas can have on our Ministry and our Preteens.


Ministry is hard, Sabbath can help. Continuing our series on slowing down, we're looking at the impact Sabbath can have on our life, career, and faith!


SLOWING DOWN? Do you know how much I need to do each week? That's probably what a lot of y'all are thinking. The reality is we live in a world with so much speed that slowing down seems impossible, but it can have an impact on your life, work, and relationship. So join me as we spend 3 weeks diving into what it looks like to slow down as a leader in this crazy world and how we can spread this to our preteens!


Gratitude is tough but carries many Benefits. Practicing it is another thing. How can we live out gratitude daily, and how can we carry that to our preteens?


Gratitude carries more than just appreciation, it can have a deep effect on your entire life and ministry!


Are we engaging our preteens when we teach, or getting a bunch of blank stares? Today we go over four areas we can use to improve our connection with preteens while we teach.


Staying productive is crucial in any job. But being productive in ministry can make a huge difference. Join me as we discuss what it looks like to build and maintain a productive work life.


Are we teaching our preteens not just WHO Jesus was but also HOW to walk like he walked! We're called to follow Jesus' example, so join me today as we dive into what it looks like to teach our preteens how to follow Jesus' example.


How can we better prepare as preteen pastors? Today we dive into 4 steps we can all take to be better prepared for the Craziness of ministry.


Too young? won't understand? Forced? There are many different views on baptizing younger kids. What's the best way to walkthrough Baptism with our preteens to ensure they're truly ready to surrender to Christ and live for him!


Society can be crushing, especially in today's world. This wee let's dive into what preteens are facing and how we can walk beside them in that!


We hear a lot about parents that may affect how well we minister. This week's podcast debunks some common misconceptions we may have or hear about parents.


Time is precious, especially in ministry, let's look at how staying organized will help us save time each week!


Preteens are going through major change! Are we connecting well enough with them to boost our impact and connect with them on a deeper level?


Are we calling our volunteers to enough? Let's jump into what it looks like to elevate our volunteers and call them to more


SAM GOT MARRIED! So this week, we will be tuning in to a neighboring podcast, The KidzMatter Podcast! This week, Corey and Ryan will discuss how Global KidMin Day looks for 2021. Don't forget to sign up for this awesome event on August 7th!


Feedback is huge for growing yourself and growing others. This week we're discussing some of the ways we can give and receive feedback and grow others, ourselves, and our ministry.


Inheriting, changing, starting, or growing a ministry all require shifting. Let's dive in this week and look at 5 ways we can properly shift our culture.


Are you giving your students the opportunity to lead, grow, and learn? Join me as we discuss ways you can allow your students to lead and the benefits of that!


Are your students and parents feeling welcome after their first visit to your church? Today I breakdown some ways to welcome new preteens and families into your church family.


Ministry is hard! It is truly a calling for a select few and those in ministry are known for burnout. So how can we avoid it? How can we have longevity in ministry with so much pressure?


Let's explore the types of volunteers we all need to have a well rounded and balanced preteen ministry!


Volunteers are the lifeblood of your ministry. Jump into this weeks episode and get some ideas on how you can love your volunteers.


Part 2 of our "loving those in our ministry" series we dive into how to love on parents well in our ministry.


Love is the core of Ministry, executing that love is harder. Join me in a three-part series diving into how we love the 3 people groups in our ministry!


Ministry is hard, it's harder during a pandemic. How can we as pastors prepare for Ministry this summer during the Pandemic? Let's dive in!


It's easy to get distracted but preteens need reassurance that they're being heard. This episode dives into the importance and how-to of active listening for Preteens.


Nothing is more needed in ministry than Volunteers. This week we're diving into some relevant tips on recruiting and keeping volunteers for your ministry!


Culture is key to ministry. Here's 5 things you should look for in your Volunteer culture!


Today, we're following up last week's conversation about parents with some practical ideas that you can use to minister to parents! Got questions? Reach out!


Parents are extremely vital to a successful preteen ministry. Dive in today as we look and why and how we can grow out parent ministries today!


Let's look at a few things we should be on the lookout for when looking for volunteers for out ministry.


Preteens are constantly distracted. How can we engage them in a crazy World. Dive in as we discuss some ideas.


Today we're discussing some questions and reflections you can ask to prepare for 2021 with God as our compass. Below are the questions. Personal: Where has God challenged you to grow personally and professionally? How is work affecting your soul? (Is it you? Is it something leadership can help?) What’s something you’re doing well? Where is God moving, where do you already see fruit, and how can you foster that? What’s something you’re bombing at? If you’re bombing at it, is it part of your job or is it something taking away from what you’re supposed to be doing? Does my heart and attitude about work and ministry reflect God’s heart and attitude? What’s your action plan? Group: Where do you see God moving? What convictions has the Spirit been placing? Has God sparked anything in you today? Are there any new opportunities? Is there something hindering you?


Let's discuss how to win in 2021. Don't forget to check out and all their great resources!


How do we prepare for 2021? Let's dive in and see what we can do to prepare for this upcoming year!


Listen in as I discuss sabbath and its importance as a minister.


Let's talk about doing it yourself. What are the dangers of trying to run a ministry on your own, and how can we avoid them?


Navigating preteen ministry is a lot. I want to help answer the WHY behind preteen ministry and share some tips on making preteens feel special.


Join me on my first episode of "Navigating Preteen Ministry" Today we're talking about what it looks like to social distance without the space.