The Kidmin Huddle with Amber Pike

Whether you are in person or online, these 4 things are key to not only successful lessons, but a successful ministry. It can make an eternal difference! Be intentional as you plan your lesson time and your ministry! 

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Are you discouraged by the lack of engagement from your families? You can’t make families lead… but there are steps you can take to increase family engagement in resources and events. Step outside of your comfort zone, get creative, and get to know your families. 

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VBS season is upon us. It’s time to choose your theme, even with the uncertainty of what VBS will look like this summer. As you begin to plan and prepare, ask yourself the question, “What is your reason for doing VBS each year?” 

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Are you feeling weary, worried, worn out, overwhelmed, or exhausted? Life is stressful and uncertain. If we let it, those feelings can overwhelm us. Isaiah 40 tells us that God will renew our strength. He will give you rest, if you just lay it all at the feet of the Father.  

Be encouraged to be with the Father, laying it all at His feet. 


Job had an incredibly blessed life, until it was all taken away from him. Even though he was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, he still praised God. God is sovereign and good, even when we can’t see it.

It’s easy to praise God when things are going good, but do you praise God when ministry and life is tough? We are called to give God praise, no matter what. Whatever is going on in your life, God deserves your praise.

Make sure to listen to the end of this episode where Amber tells you about a great Thanksgiving resource for families. 

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Are you leaving room for God to lead in your life and ministry?  

In this episode, Amber talks about the devotion she created to help engage families in God’s story this Christmas. Learn about the book she’s writing and where you can get the free devotion – perfect for families at home or as an event at the church. Using a gingerbread house experience, families will be challenged to ask themselves if God is a part of their homes and hearts.   

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We might not have to worry about over programing families this Christmas, but we do need to be conscientious to not over resource families.   

Don’t just send home papers for families to read, send home resources that will allow families to engage and experience Christ at Christmas.  Help families experience Christ this busy holiday season - to hear, smell, see, taste, and touch Him! 

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No doubt about it, mom and dad have the greatest amount of influence on their kids! One easy way we can equip parents as they shepherd their children is to resource families, to send things home for them to use – books, cds, devotions, and more!  

To help you resource moms and dads, Amber made a list of my favorite top 20 resources (right now) for the home! There are so many great resources out there, it was hard to choose just 20! Each item on the list has been used by Amber with her own kids or in her ministry.



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Book Series:

For the Littles


Covid planning in the ministry is hard! As we’ve evaluated the effectiveness of what we are doing and how we are leading, many of us have seen the vital need to resource families!  

God has given parents the command to lead their children. But some parents don’t feel qualified, don’t know how, or don’t see the importance.  It vital that we (as kidmin leaders) shift our focus and spend our time and energy to pray for, encourage, and resource moms and dads to lead!

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You’ve just attended a conference and you’ve got a head full of ideas. Now what? What’s next for your ministry? We try and plan our lives and ministries on our own, but God has the ultimate plan for us.  

God knows exactly what your ministry needs. So, are you seeking His will and letting Him lead?  Before you take your next steps and decide what is next, stop and reflect. Take the time to seek God’s will for your ministry. 

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It’s Mega-Con week in the Kidmin World! Hear from Amber Pike what her big take aways from the week have been so far and what God has been speaking to her about the importance of the biblical narrative and listening to His leading.  

Why teach the biblical narrative? Because kids need to know God’s story before they can understand their role in His story. Amber even unboxes her favorite resources to help teach kids the narrative of the Bible, and give them a foundation to stand upon. 

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In the first episode of The Kidmin Huddle, meet Amber Pike and find out what this podcast is all about! Kidmin leaders will be invited to join in on this kidmin journey, as we work towards building the kingdom.  

"When you have a clearer vision of your purpose in ministry, you'll know exactly what to do next." This quote from Sean Sweet's article "The Future of Online Children's Ministry" applies to more than just online service. 

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