The Kidmin Huddle with Amber Pike

I sat down my with photographer friend Jonathan and talked about photography in kidmin. Get some great tips to start your own photography ministry, take your photo skills to the next level, and hear the importance of documenting spiritual growth in your kidmin.


Maybe you've heard the term "Progressive Christianity" recently. You might be wondering what it means or more importantly what it means to kidmin. Progressive Christianity matters to kidmin. The danger is very real. Listen in to hear how you need to be doing your part, right now, to combat this danger.


I sat down with author Vanessa Myers to chat about her newest book, The Bible Food Truck Devotional and how important it is to resource moms and dads at home.


Our big goal in ministry is to see boys and girls in a relationship with Christ and a vibrant faith. We want what we teach them to stick. We want them to remember it. What can we do to make the important lessons stick - to make it something they will remember?


What do you do when it's all too much? How do you dig out of the to-do's? In this episode Amber Pike talks about the season she's going through and what to do when you are going through a season of being overwhelmed.


Preschoolers are capable of high levels of learning, but you need to intentionally engage them! What are you doing to engage your littles in God's story? Are you keeping their attention during lesson time?


What sets your ministry apart? What makes your ministry special, something that parents will want to bring their kids to? Are you marketing that – expressing that vision to your families in the right way?


Ministry is great, but not all the time. There are hard days and rough seasons. Be reminded of why you do what you do and the difference you are making.


Christmas is more than just a story and we need to be doing more than just half-heartedly listening. Take a few moments to pause and prepare your heart as we enter into the Christmas season. *You also get to hear the train breaking in the background of my church towards the end!


How often do you teach on heaven? Are you teaching the truth about heaven or spreading lies? Kids have questions about heaven (even preschoolers). Kidmin Leader, you need to make sure you're teaching the truth about heaven, and teaching it often.


Sometimes discouragement happens in kidmin, especially when numbers are low. But numbers don't always matter. Be reminded of the words in Galatians 6:9. Don't give up. What you do matters to the Kingdom!


If the goal of ministry is to teach boys and girls about Jesus, we want to make sure we are reaching the maximum amount of kids! With a little organization and intentionality, you can maximize your reach.


Mega-Con was last week. Hear what messages God spoke and what's next.


How do you lead children to Christ? Do you do mass altar calls, where kids raise their hands and repeat a prayer after you? Don't! In this episode, Amber goes over some important do's and don'ts about leading a child to Christ.


Kids need more than a lesson full of fluff! But not all curriculum has enough meat. With a little creativity and some intentionality, it's an easy fix to go from fluff to meat.


This Sunday I found myself with a new dynamic in my class... mostly preschoolers. Since this is my new norm, I have to shift how I teach, but what. Preschoolers don't need a smaller version of faith. They don't need a watered down version of the Bible. They need deep theologically sound teaching... just on their level.


Kidmin is full of hits and misses. What works one time might bomb the next. If you are intentional though, you can work towards more wins for your kids and your families. Plus hear about Amber's new book, The Family Cookbook Devotional, and how this has been a win in her home.


Are you training your kids to listen to sermons and the Word? Unless you want to see your new youth group taking multiple bathroom breaks per sermon each and every week, you need to take the time to train the how to listen to sermons. Note taking might be the key.


When you get sick or have a family emergency, do you have a plan and a person in place? In this episode Amber Pike talks about some very practical must-haves for every ministry.


Do you know the names of the children in your ministry? Do you use them? What about after children leave your ministry area? Don't underestimate the power of knowing (and using) a child's name. It can make a huge difference.


Kids are capable of learning more than you think. Are you teaching them more? How often to do use theological terms? When’s the last time you taught about the attributes of God? Kids need to know God’s story and how everything in the Bible connect, but they also need to learn about the God of the Bible.


What do you do before services with kids? You probably have activities out: Legos, Play-Doh, cups to stack, crafts, and things like that. But do you have a pre-service show? Pre-service shows are a wonderful way to not only engage kids before service, but to get the word of God in their hearts. Check out for a blog post with a PDF all about how to make a pre-service show. Under the resources tab, there's a PDF with links for preschool product ideas.


Being a parent and a ministry leader can be hard... especially if your child is in your ministry. There are challenges and at times it's rough on your child. As a mom and a ministry leader, I get it. But if God has called you to be both a parent and ministry leader (at the same time) it can be done and done well!


Fun is important for kids. Kids learn through fun. Kids crave fun. How fun is your kidmin? What sort of an impact could some simple changes make in your ministry?


How much time do you spend getting to know the boys and girls in your ministry? Do you know more than just their attendance records? Getting to know boys and girls, really knowing them, is huge!


Life and ministry are busy. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy that we think we don’t have the time to rest. But we need it. We need to rest in God. Learn to recognize the signs of burnout in your life. Take the time to be present in life. Be still and rest in Christ.


There is value in taking your kids to camp each summer. Learn from Amber’s 13 years of camp experience about some tips and tricks to make camp the best that it can be!


How well are you supporting parents in their role as primary shepherds? Generation to Generation is to tell stories of God's faithfulness. Are you training, resourcing, and encouraging mom and dad as they lead?


How often does God ask you to move out of our comfort zone? Do you go willingly or kicking and screaming? When God asks us to do something, it’s not because of our own skills or power. He wants us to trust in him to give us all we need so that he gets the glory.


No matter what is happening, God is sovereign. He is always in control of your life, and he's working and planning things for your future, whether you realize it or not. Like Job, we might question God's control. But God reminds us like he did Job, he is in control!


We all have rough days (or seasons) in ministry. They can rock our confidence or even have us question our calling. But a lot of times, a simple checkup can show the real issue.


Games are an important part of kidmin! But do you play games just for the sake of playing a game or are you intentional with your game time?


Preteens learning in the same room as preschoolers can be difficult. But it can be done. Listen and learn these 4 tips that will transform your one room ministry.


There is a lot of compromise of the Word of God, even in the church. Are you teaching your kids to stand on the authority of God’s Word and how to recognize false teachings?


How is your children’s ministry space? Is it warm, welcoming and inviting? Are kids greeted with warm smiles and excited-to-see-you attitudes? Kids need to feel wanted and loved when they come to church. Evaluate your team and your space. How do kids feel walking into your church?


What are you doing to teach your nursery aged children about God? Are you intentional with the time you’ve been given? These simple, DIY curriculum boxes are a great way to easily teach your littles ones truths about the God that loves them.


Are you battling discouragement or questioning your calling? Maybe you are letting feelings of "not good enough" bring you down. Listen to God, the Good Father, and allow him to bring you up out of that pit. He loves you. He called you. He created you for a purpose.


Whatever your Easter plans hold this year, don’t just teach God’s story. (Do teach God’s story, starting back with creation and the big problem of sin!) But help kids go from knowing about God to knowing God. Listen to the resources I’m using to teach kids about who God is this Easter.


You have been gifted and called to serve in children’s ministry. You might think you know your areas of giftedness, even. But are you putting God in a box, or truly listening and letting him lead you?


Whether you write your own curriculum or tweak lessons you purchase, there are a couple of key things you need to keep in mind. Make the Bible come alive for Christ, engaging them in his story. From learning styles to lesson non-negotiables, if you write your kidmin curriculum, don’t miss this episode.


Do you give mass altar calls and salvation experiences? Do you meet with kids individually or use abstract theology? Leading a child to Christ is an amazing experience, but there are some do’s and don’ts you need to follow.


Kidmin Leader, you can make an eternal difference. While you teach the truths of God's Word, make it come alive for kids! Hear some of Amber’s favorite tools, tips, tricks, and toys to use while teaching!


God commands parents to pass on their faith. But how? How do you pass on your faith, especially when you feel unqualified and ill-equipped? It’s not hard, but it must be intentional. The risk is too high not to.


In person? Digital? Hybrid? Whatever your summer hold, make it your best VBS yet! Is your VBS just one more thing for families to do, or is it adding value to their lives? Plus 5, Amber shares 5 digital engagement tips.


Leaders are learners. But to truly lead well, you have to first become a good listener. Are you listening to the Lord’s leading? God has the best plans for our lives and our ministries, but unless we let him lead, unless we listen, we won’t get to what he has planned for us!


Are you making the authority of the Word of God a priority in your life and your ministry? Amber gives you four practical ways to make the Bible a priority in your ministry. Equip kids to stand on the Word!


2020 is drawing to a close. Have you spent time reflecting on the good and bad of it? Have you spent time listen to the Lord’s leading for next year? 2021 can your best year ever, if you are intentional about listening and planning.


Now that Christmas is over, have you begun to think towards how you will resource your families in the new year? Families typically engage in leading their children in the Word during Christmas, but what about when it’s over, and that sense of obligation is gone? Start planning now, seeking the Lord’s leading.


Whether you are in person or online, these 4 things are key to not only successful lessons, but a successful ministry. It can make an eternal difference! Be intentional as you plan your lesson time and your ministry! 

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Are you discouraged by the lack of engagement from your families? You can’t make families lead… but there are steps you can take to increase family engagement in resources and events. Step outside of your comfort zone, get creative, and get to know your families. 

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VBS season is upon us. It’s time to choose your theme, even with the uncertainty of what VBS will look like this summer. As you begin to plan and prepare, ask yourself the question, “What is your reason for doing VBS each year?” 

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Are you feeling weary, worried, worn out, overwhelmed, or exhausted? Life is stressful and uncertain. If we let it, those feelings can overwhelm us. Isaiah 40 tells us that God will renew our strength. He will give you rest, if you just lay it all at the feet of the Father.  

Be encouraged to be with the Father, laying it all at His feet. 


Job had an incredibly blessed life, until it was all taken away from him. Even though he was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, he still praised God. God is sovereign and good, even when we can’t see it.

It’s easy to praise God when things are going good, but do you praise God when ministry and life is tough? We are called to give God praise, no matter what. Whatever is going on in your life, God deserves your praise.

Make sure to listen to the end of this episode where Amber tells you about a great Thanksgiving resource for families. 

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Are you leaving room for God to lead in your life and ministry?  

In this episode, Amber talks about the devotion she created to help engage families in God’s story this Christmas. Learn about the book she’s writing and where you can get the free devotion – perfect for families at home or as an event at the church. Using a gingerbread house experience, families will be challenged to ask themselves if God is a part of their homes and hearts.   

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We might not have to worry about over programing families this Christmas, but we do need to be conscientious to not over resource families.   

Don’t just send home papers for families to read, send home resources that will allow families to engage and experience Christ at Christmas.  Help families experience Christ this busy holiday season - to hear, smell, see, taste, and touch Him! 

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No doubt about it, mom and dad have the greatest amount of influence on their kids! One easy way we can equip parents as they shepherd their children is to resource families, to send things home for them to use – books, cds, devotions, and more!  

To help you resource moms and dads, Amber made a list of my favorite top 20 resources (right now) for the home! There are so many great resources out there, it was hard to choose just 20! Each item on the list has been used by Amber with her own kids or in her ministry.



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