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Listen in today as Corey and Ryan talk about lessons from Chick-Fil-A that apply to our Kid Ministries!


Join us today as Ryan and Corey what Global KidMin Day looks like in 2021! Don't forget to sign up for this exciting event on August 7th!


After another week off, Ryan and Corey are back in action! This week, Ryan discusses how you can grow the capacity of your ministry.


...and they're back! This week on the KidzMatter Podcast, Ryan and Corey talk about useful social media tips in the world of KidMin!


We all have problems. Whether they are in ministry, in your family, or just in life, problems can seem unbearable. Unsolvable. In this episode, Ryan shares how we can solve problems as leaders!


Live from Orlando, it's the KidzMatter Podcast! This week, Corey and Ryan are at the D6 Conference in Florida and are learning a lot. Here's what they've taken away so far!


What is a legacy? Is it just for after you leave? In this week's episode, Ryan and Corey talk about how to leave a legacy now!


This week, we listen in on one of Ryan's messages from a past Mega-Con event! Who else is excited for Mega-Con 2021?!


This week, we listen in on one of Ryan's messages from a past Mega-Con event! Who else is excited for Mega-Con 2021?!


Join Ryan Frank and guest co-host Sam Beam as they discuss three trends in the world of preteen ministry today!


Let’s talk about summer VBS with our friends from Orange!


Join Ryan Frank and Brian Dembowczyk as they process how to help our kids learn the gospel, love the gospel, and live it out in their everyday lives.


In this bonus episode of the KidzMatter Podcast, listen in on Ryan's interview with Roma Downey as they discuss the new film Resurrection.


In this episode, listen in as Ryan Frank and Brian Dembowczyk discuss the best ways to stay encouraged as we lead our children's ministries!


We all want to share our ministry with others and the "I Love KidMin" Facebook page is a great place to do just that! In this episode, Corey Jones and Ryan Frank share their top trending conversations among the "I Love KidMin" community.


On average, an American adult spends about 1800 hours at work in a year. Outside of our families, we see our coworkers the most during our week. How can you build relationships with the men and women in your organization? In this episode, Ryan Frank shares seven action steps on how you can help better develop relationships with people in your workplace.


In this bonus episode of The KidzMatter Podcast, listen in on one of our VBS Trunk Shows from this week! A big thanks go out to our friends at for making this possible.


It's been nearly a year since COVID-19 came on the scene and turned the world upside down. None of us probably ever expected for this global pandemic to last this long, and maybe it has taken a toll on your enthusiasm and motivation. In this episode, Ryan Frank gives some practical advice on how we can power through the burnout. Listen up!


We all likely feel pulled in many different directions in life. But we know that our family and home cannot afford to slip through the cracks. SO how do we go about striking a healthy balance between our work and home lives? In this episode, Ryan Frank shares some practical tips and insights to help keep you from tipping the balance the wrong direction.


Until our society makes the internet safe for kids, parents must be proactive in teaching what pornography is, why it’s dangerous and exactly how to reject it. The good news is that it CAN BE DONE and you as a kidmin leader can help these parents! In this practical 1-hour training, Ryan Frank and Kristen Jenson talk about practical ways you can help parents with this crucial topic.


Have you checked out KidzMatter PRO yet? In this episode, Ryan and Corey detail some of the great perks of being a member, as well make a bug announcement! In addition, it's Corey's turn to pin Ryan down with three questions. You don't want to miss the answers...


What is happening with KidMin curriculum going into 2021? Ryan Frank and David Choate are always talking to kidmin leaders around the country. They have identified 5 big trends to watch for this year. Join us for a very timely and practical discussion!


Sometimes the race of life seems long and exhausting. Our goal should always be to "break the tape" at a full sprint knowing that we ran our course well. But what does that mean practically? In this episode, Ryan Frank shares 7 tips that will help you to keep running hard!


If you're listening to this podcast, then you probably care a lot about the spiritual formation of kids. But what does that mean practically and how do we measure the spiritual growth of children? In this episode, Ryan Frank shares five facts we all need to know about the spiritual formation of kids. Take a listen!

A heart of gratitude is something that is so important for a believer to have. When we focus on all that we have to be thankful for, it have a transformational effect on our outlook toward life.
Today Ryan Frank and Corey Jones talk about some of the things they are thankful for. Take a listen!

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What a year 2020 has been! Who could have predicted last December what we were about to face? But we don't have to let 2020 influence 2021.
In this episode Ryan Frank shares 21 ministry-changing lessons to help you make 2021 your best year ever!

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Operation Christmas Child is an amazing ministry of Samaritan's Purse. Each year children in impoverished nations receive a shoebox of gifts, and more importantly, they receive the gospel. There are countless stories of the impact these shoeboxes have had in the lives of kids all around the world.
Today we'll hear one such story as Irina joins Ryan Frank to share her story as a child growing up in the former Soviet Union.

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We're all familiar with Romans 15:33 which tells us that "Bad company corrupts good character." And while, yes, we should be concerned about the negative influence of people, we should also be aware of what positive things can be found in our circle.
Today Ryan Frank shares how important what we're learning the people around us is!

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"Other than your Bible, what is the one tool in kidmin you could not live without?"


We've all been there. You've done everything you planned for kids service, and there's still time left. What do you do?
In this episode, Ryan Frank shares a super-practical idea that can be a lifesaver the next time you're left to time to fill. Listen in!

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Sometimes things can seem like they're moving along nicely. Other times, it seems there's no forward movement at all. What's the difference? Momentum.
In this episode, Ryan Frank discusses the importance of momentum and how you can generate and maintain it!

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