A Christmas to Remember Bundle

A Christmas to Remember Bundle

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This “A Christmas to Remember Bundle” includes everything you need to craft an intentional Christmas for the families in your ministry! Included in this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Everything you need for a “Christmas to Remember” Advent Box. This includes printable, daily Advent cards as well as additional printables you’ll need for the box (recipe, Christmas trivia, ornament craft and Christmas cards).
  • A “Family Night Out” Event Guide to help families learn that Jesus is what makes Christmas a time to remember! The Event Guide includes three games for families to play together, a devotional for you to share, an activity idea, as well as slides and social media images to promote the event.
  • A devotional to include in a “Christmas Eve to Remember” Box, as well as a printable Christmas card, tag to include and ideas to include in a Christmas Eve box.

“A Christmas to Remember” contains three key parts:

1. “A Christmas to Remember” Box distributed on the first Sunday of Advent (November 29). The box will contain:

  • “A Christmas to Remember” Calendar: This calendar has printable 5×7 Advent Cards that contain a short family activity that will help families spend intentional time together each day! These cards could include a devotional, Scripture reading, family activity, craft or discussion prompt!
  • “A Christmas to Remember” Kindness Challenge: Part of making Christmas memorable is giving back! The box will contain a challenge card and paper bag. Challenge families to fill the bag with food for your local food bank and return it at “Family Night Out” or other designated time!
  • “A Christmas to Remember” Goodies: There is a suggested list of items in this kit, as well as additional printables you’ll need – like an ornament craft and Christmas trivia!

2. “Family Night Out” Guide. Sometime in December, dependent of course, on regulations in your region, families will join you to “make memories” in a safe, socially distanced way. Here’s how the event will look:

  • Families will receive a warm welcome & get their photos taken at their “COVID Christmas Photobooth.”
  • Families will play games to “make funny memories” as a family.
  • Families will hear a quick devotional about how Jesus is what makes Christmas a Christmas to remember and then complete an interactive activity to help them remember it!
  • Families will eat a small snack!

At the end of the night, families should receive an invitation back to your Christmas service – whether online or in person.

3. “A Christmas Eve to Remember” Bag Guide & Ideas:

At a designated time, families will receive a “Christmas Eve to Remember” bag. Inside will be an intentional devotional for families to use on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, a card from you, and a list of suggested goodies to make it a night to remember!

This bundle will provide you and your families with everything you need to create a “Christmas to remember” despite the unusual year we’ve had! All activities are intended to be simple, straightforward, but also significant so families can enjoy quality time together, make memories, and most importantly, focus on Jesus and His love this season!