An Oreo Adventure Stand Alone Lesson

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Have you ever considered using Oreos to teach kids the Gospel?

This will be a night they will never forget!

Using Daniel's prayer in Daniel 9, as well as Romans 3, kids will learn that even though there is bad news (we've sinned) - there's good news right in the middle (just like the cream of an Oreo!) - we have a Saviour!

With a unique teaching script, Oreo themed activities, printables & a taste-test, kids won't forget this night - or the message of salvation.

Included in this download are:

  • Lesson Script with Large Group Teaching
  • 3 Unique Printables (Oreo Tic Tac Toe, "Oreo Story-O" & Discussion Questions)
  • 2 Social Media Images
  • "Choose Your Treat" Screen Game
  • Verse Slides
  • Oreo Taste Test Printables & Slides