Back to School Devo Kit

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Make your own Back to School Devotional Kits for the kids and families in your ministry! They are easy to make, and a perfect way to help kids focus on God and grow in their faith as they enter a new school year. The kits include simple-to-find supplies, such as glow bracelets, fruit snacks, and Play-Doh. Each object has a corresponding devotional card with a connection to remind them of God through an object lesson, a Bible verse to look up and read, and discussion question prompts. There are six items and devotional cards included. Kids can do them all on the same day, or spread them out over the first week or two of school. 

The download includes:

  • Promotional graphics (.png files) in the following sizes: 1920 x 1080 (slide); 1080 x 1080 (Instagram post); 1200 x 630 (Facebook post)
  • Instructions for creating your Back to School Devotional Kits
  • An editable Canva template to customize the Cover Page and Devotional Cards
  • Downloadable Cover Page and Devotional Cards (available in PDF and .png files in both full-sized and smaller-sized)
  • Supply List and Amazon links