Back to School Prayer Guide

Back to School Prayer Guide

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Help families pray together in a meaningful way as they head back to school!

You can use this guide in a number of ways. Consider using it:

  • To help you host a drive-thru or in-person prayer event
  • To provide families with prayer tools to use at home
  • To plan & create a Back to School Prayer Time virtually

Included in this kit, you’ll find:

  • Prayer Guides: One is contained for adults, and the other is for children! There are five prayer focuses to work through in age-appropriate ways! These guides can be used at home or in an event. These are both included as a PDF file.
  • Social Media Images: Over 20 social media images are included in this kit! Two styles (one with a “Back to School” logo and another generic style) of images are included – Prayer Prompts and Discussion Questions. There are also some used for promotional images! These are all included as PNG files.
  • 5-Day Prayer Calendar: The Prayer Calendar is meant for families to use at home to pray together through the prayer prompts! This is included as a PNG and PDF file.
  • A How-to-Use Guide