Backpack Blessings - Backpack Tags and Back-to-School Gifts

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This resource includes all the instructions, links, and customizable files you need to make your own personalized backpack tags and back-to-school gift bags that remind kids who and whose they are. It also comes with a customizable backpack blessing prayer to use during your Backpack Blessing time in service.

The backpack tags include biblical affirmations with Bible verses and serve as a reminder for kids to walk in the truths from God’s Word and seek their identity from Him with each step they take this school year. The gift bag instructions include suggested items to remind them of what God wants for them and can do for them this school year. Each item in the gift bag is linked to a specific Scripture verse and truth for them to remember.

This download includes:

  • Supply list (and links!) (.docx)
  • Instructions for making your own backpack tags + back-to-school gift bags (.docx)
  • 13 different backpack tags with Scriptures (11 scriptures total, 13 designs) (.docx, .png, customizable Canva templates)
  • An editable Backpack Blessing Prayer to use during your backpack blessing service (.docx)
  • Customizable note from you (Canva template, free Canva account required)
  • Gift explanation flyer + editable template (Canva template, free Canva account required)
  • Back to School Prayers flyer + editable template (Canva template, free Canva account required)
  • Sticker label templates (.docx)

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process.