Bible Superhero Week/Month

Bible Superhero Week/Month

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Make Bible learning fun at home! Bible Superhero Week is a family resource that provides 5 days of activities related to superheroes in the Bible. This resource for families helps children dig into God’s Word and have fun while learning about some amazing people in the Bible.

You can also use this resource over the span of a month. Instead of doing 5 days of Bible superheroes, you can do 5 weeks.

Each day/week will focus on a Bible Superhero, Color of the Day, Family Devotion, Memory Verse, Bible Superhero Powers, Bible Superhero Art, Bible Superhero Acts, and Bible Superhero Family Activity. In the week-long version, families complete all of the activities in one day. In the month-long version, families complete the activities throughout the week. Note: The activities are the same for both versions of the resource. The only thing that changes is the timeframe.

The 5 Bible Superheroes highlighted are Moses, Ruth, David, Esther, and Jesus.

This download includes:

  • 5 PDF printables (8 pages each) for Bible Superhero Week
  • 5 PDF printables (8 pages each) for Bible Superhero Month (same activities as the week-long version, just adapted titles to stretch out over an entire month)
  • 7 social media graphics for you to use with your church families (.png files – one for each of the 5 Bible Superheroes, plus one main logo for Bible Superhero Week and one logo for Bible Superhero Month)