Church Take-Out Box: Fruit of the Spirit Edition

Church Take-Out Box: Fruit of the Spirit Edition

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Looking for a way to keep your families connected? This Fruit-of-the-Spirit-themed church take-out box is intended to provide tangible, simple ways for kids and their families to stay connected to God during the summer. Families can use the Fruit of the Spirit Church Take Home Box to take their spiritual learning with them on the road, and/or it pairs great with a fruit of the Spirit lesson series.

This 9-week family devotional comes with short, intentional, and all-age devotionals that follow a read-talk-think-pray-do format. Each week, families complete the devotional in one sitting or at various times throughout the week. Every devotional focuses on one fruit of the Spirit and pairs it with a Bible story, discussion questions, and practical ideas for applying the fruit in every-day life.

This download includes:

  • A 9-week Family Devotional based on the “Fruit of the Spirit” (in both PDF and Word doc formats)
  • A Spotify playlist with a QR Code printable
  • Extra activity ideas for families, including 2 fruit-themed recipes! (in both PDF and Word doc formats)
  • Social media graphics to promote your box
  • Box label for inside and outside the box
  • Suggested resources and goodies (with links!) to purchase to enhance your box (optional – box also works as devotionals alone) 

Download does not include physical materials. It does include links to purchase optional supplies online.