Clean or Unclean On Screen Game

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Clean or Unclean? introduces kids to some of the realities of what life was like before Jesus and how Jesus changed our everyday lives. When you play this game, speak to kids about how certain foods were not allowed and how the story from Acts 10:9-16 changed that because of Jesus.

            This game has four ways to play. You get to decide if it will be an elimination-style game or an all-play game. Then, if you have the space, you can have kids run to the left for clean and right for unclean (the same side as the words on the screen) or if you don’t have the space, kids can raise the correlating side hands. Both are great options and you can bring the game back months apart at different events. Simply pick which rules you want to follow and put that slide (both versions available in the PPT and the png files) into your presentation.

Your download includes:

  • Game slides for 11 foods (.png and .pptx)
  • Answer Key (.docx)
  • Instructions and ideas for use (.docx)