Crowd Charades: Mother's Day Gifts on Screen Game

Crowd Charades: Mother's Day Gifts on Screen Game

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Crowd Charades: Mother's Day Gifts reverses the classic game of charades and gets the entire room involved. Choose two contestants (or more) to come up front and have them compete to see who can guess the answer as the ENTIRE crowd acts it out. All of the clues are themed around gifts you could give to someone for Mother's Day like chocolates, flowers, a big hug, cleaning the house, and more.

Use it during your large-group time, as part of a family service, as a time-filler, or even in small groups if your space/resources allow. You can even play the game as you invite kids to share about what they gave to someone for Mother’s Day, or even set the game up by saying YOU need help deciding what to give your mom, then asking kids to help you brainstorm by playing the game.

This Download Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file (.pptx)
  • Complete Keynote game file (.key)
  • Instructions for 3 ways to play (.docx)
  • 10 Individual game slides with words + pictures for your non-readers (.png)
  • Blank slide for customization (.png)
  • Title slide (.png)
  • Thanks for playing slide (.png)