Double Vision [Father's Day Edition] On Screen Game

Double Vision [Father's Day Edition] On Screen Game

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In this game, kids or families must find the picture on each slide without a double. Encourage kids to shout out the answers, write them down, or share them in the chat if playing over Zoom. Play in teams or as individuals.

There are 15 double vision slides in all, each with an accompanying answer slide, as well as a title slide, instructions slide, and a closing slide.

This download includes a ready-to-go PowerPoint presentation so you can play right away plus each slide as a graphic so you can insert them into your presentation software easily and quickly. Use the 4-minute video version of the download to play at the beginning or in the middle of your family service to help engage the kids (and adults)!

This download includes:

  • Ready-to-play version of the game in PowerPoint (.pptx – you control/lead the timing!)
  • Ready-to-play version of the game as a 4-minute video (.mp4 – press play and walk away!)
  • Each slide as a graphic (.jpg)
  • Instructions for play (.docx)

See preview video here: