Finish (Easter) Stand Alone Lesson

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish”? This is an important lesson for each of us to remember. There is nothing worse than starting something and not finishing.

God knows this, too! He is always faithful to finish the good work He starts in our lives. It’s easy for us to lose faith in that process, though. When things seem to be going wrong, we think God has quit on us. We think He has left us all alone.

The disciples probably felt that way after Jesus died on the cross. They thought He was gone...but Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday to prove that what God starts, He always FINISHES!

This clever and creative lesson is a fun-filled and action-packed way to celebrate Easter Weekend! (this is a single lesson download)

Includes the following:

"LESSON INTRO VIDEO" (Ashton talks about the importance of finishing)

"WHATCHAGADDAKNOW VIDEO" (Wiggy Pop teaches "Whatchagaddaknow")

"POWER VERSE VIDEO" (Presto Change-O teaches Philippians 1:6)

"CHARACTER SKIT" (complete comedy script featuring Wacky Wally)

"GAME TIME" ("Eggs-cellent Relay")

"ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE" (includes animated illustrations, object lesson, teaching script, and more)

"POWERPOINT SLIDES" (graphic slides to enhance every part of the service)

"FAMILY DEVOTION" (send home for parents to reinforce lesson)

"GRAPHIC ARTWORK" (use for promoting the Easter Sunday lesson)

"REVIEW QUESTIONS" (see how much the kids learned}

"TAKE HOME PAGE" (for the kids to remember the lesson all week)