Flex KidzMatter Lab - Discipline 2

Flex KidzMatter Lab - Discipline 2

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The FLEX training program gets your leaders and volunteers ready for the challenges of children’s ministry. It’s easy to use and helps get everyone on the same page. It’s totally flexible so you can use it anytime, anywhere. 

Share this video with your team in-person or in a zoom meeting or other electronic methods.

In this second training video on the subject of discipline, your team will be introduced to the five E's of dealing with a child who is causing a disruption in the classroom:

  • Encounter
  • Explain
  • Encourage
  • Enagage
  • Expect

The video is 5:10 in length.

Purchase this session for $10, or get the entire Flex collection for just $35 and save 50%!

See the preview video here: