Interactive Nativity Story Kit

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This resource gives you instructions for creating your own interactive kits for kids and families to use while you tell the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible. You can gather your own supplies for props or print out pictures, or do a combination based on the supplies you have access to. You will make kits for each family and the kids can help tell the story with you using the props. You can do this live during a service, virtually, or use a pre-recorded video. It can be done during a Zoom event, children's church, or a Christmas Eve service. It's also customizable!

The resource includes (it's all customizable):

  • Instructions for making your own prop kits (DOC)
  • List of supplies needed (and links to order supplies) for prop kits (DOC)
  • A script to use as you tell the story (DOC)
  • Slides to use on the screen while you tell the story and blank slides for you to customize (PNG)
  • Printables for the prop kits (PDF)
  • Instructions for making the kits as an at-home family experience (DOC)