Jesse Tree: An Advent Curriculum

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The Jesse Tree has been used by believers for thousands of years as a way to reflect on the family tree of Jesus, especially during the Advent season.

In recent years, many people have adapted the "Jesse Tree" for their use, through devotionals, children's books & more. This tried-and-true curriculum is based on the idea of the Jesse Tree, and walking kids through the truth that God's promise of Jesus started thousands of years ago - and we can receive this promise!

This Advent curriculum includes (6) weeks of lessons, but can be adapted to simply be used for (4) weeks, depending on your church's setting. This 6-week curriculum includes, for the first time ever, older kids (Ages 6+) and younger kids (Ages 3-5) lessons! 

Each week of this curriculum includes a Lesson Introduction with a Group Activity, followed by a Bible Teaching. There are options for at least two activities each week - including creating your classroom's own "Jesse Tree." 

Also included with the purchase of this curriculum is the Jesse Tree: Advent Activity Booklet for at-home use. You can print this devotional, along with Jesse Tree sheet & ornaments (printing instructions included!) to share with your families! 

Weekly Lessons are:

Week 1: "What is a Jesse Tree?" (Isaiah 11)

Week 2: "Why a Jesse Tree? Keeping Jesus at the Center"

Week 3: "Adam & Eve: The First Family Members" (Genesis 3)

Week 4: "The Israelites' Rescue" (Exodus 12)

Week 5: "The God We Worship: Elijah & Baal" (1 Kings 18)

Week 6: "Mary, Jesus' Mom!" (Luke 1)