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KidzMatter Magazine Subscription

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For nearly 20 years, KidzMatter Magazine has been the leading resource for those who minister to kids and families. Published by Ryan and Beth Frank, you'll stay current with the latest trends and resources to help you effectively minister to kids and families.


Are you looking for a resource to help you in your ministry to children? KidzMatter Magazine is the perfect subscription for you! Here’s why:

First, KidzMatter Magazine is the go-to resource for children’s ministry. With articles from leading experts in the field, you can stay up to date on the latest trends and topics impacting kids and their families. You will also find inspiring stories and practical ideas to help you in your ministry. Plus, each issue is packed with engaging activities and fun games to use in your ministry.

Second, a KidzMatter Magazine subscription provides you with access to exclusive content and resources. You’ll get access to bonus digital content with each issue, including additional articles, interviews, and printables.

Finally, a KidzMatter Magazine subscription gives you the confidence to make a difference. With current and relevant content, you can feel equipped to confidently lead children’s ministry in your church. You’ll have access to the resources you need to make a positive impact on the lives of kids and families.


Every issue of KidzMatter Magazine delivers:

  • The latest news, theories, and developments in the world of children and families
  • Compelling stories and breakthroughs in ministry
  • Leadership issues and how they impact your daily life
  • The best in ministry resources
  • Thought-provoking articles from practitioners and people in the trenches


KidzMatter Magazine is printed quarterly and will be shipped to your mailbox 4 times a year. 

  • Our Winter Issue ships mid-November (order by October 15)
  • Our Spring Issue ships mid-February (order by January 15)
  • Our Summer Issue ships mid-May (order by April 15)
  • Our Fall Issue ships mid-August (order by July 15)


"KidzMatter Magazine is full of great, relevant information and ideas. A needed resource for the whole team!" Lisa

"Love this magazine. It is filled with great teachings and resources. I look forward to my issues every time!" Joseph

"Must have resource!!! The articles keep you on the pulse of issues happening in ministry and resource guides help you keep in touch with kids and their pop culture entertainment." Sherry

"You gotta have it!" Kathryn

"Love reading this magazine. I learn so much. Love all the different articles it has in each issue and how applicable and timely they are." Elyse