Nativity Picture Reveal On Screen Game

Nativity Picture Reveal On Screen Game

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In this nativity-themed screen game, tiles disappear to reveal a hidden picture of a person or object associated with Jesus’ birth. The first person to correctly identify the picture wins! Play this game any time throughout Advent/December with your whole congregation, children’s ministry, or small group. This resource includes ten rounds and a Bible verse reference for each image.

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This versatile game has multiple options for playing:

  1. No-prep Game Video: Hit play and walk away. Have kids guess the person or object associated with Jesus’ birth as the hidden image is uncovered.
  2. 5-minute Countdown: Use the Nativity Picture Reveal game for a pre-service countdown.
  3. Introduce parts of the Christmas story. Divide the rounds throughout Advent/December by using the relevant hidden picture(s) to engage kids in topics related to that week's lesson.
  4. PowerPoint Review Game- Use your weekly review questions and allow teams to uncover a tile each time they answer a review question correctly. The first team to identify the image wins.

This download includes: 

Nativity Picture Reveal Game Files

  • Interactive PowerPoint (.pptx) file with title slide, 10 rounds of digital picture reveal slides, questions, & end slide
  • No Prep Game Video (.mp4)
  • 5-minute Countdown Video (.mp4)

See the preview video here: