Paper Plate Portrait Ice Cream Sundae On Screen Game

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In Paper Plate Portrait: Ice Cream Sundae, kids/families must follow the directions on the screen to create a portrait of an ice cream sundae. The catch? They’re drawing on a paper plate that must stay on top of their head until the portrait is complete!

This deliciously funny game will get the whole room laughing. Make sure each player has a paper plate and a writing utensil of their own. Then use the PPT or graphic slides version of the game to lead it yourself and control the timing OR play the video to lead kids and families through the entire game. Use it during your large-group time, as a time-filler, in a family service, or even in small groups if your space/resources allow.

See a preview of the video below.

This download includes: 

  • Complete PowerPoint game file (.pptx)
  • 3-minute, 4-second video version of the game with and without voiceover (.mp4)
  • Instructions for play (.docx)
  • Individual game slides with words + pictures for your non-readers (.png)
  • Blank slide for customization (.png)
  • Title slide (.png)
  • Thanks for playing slide (.png)