Pool Noodle Praise Social Distancing Crowd Breaker Game

Pool Noodle Praise Social Distancing Crowd Breaker Game

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Trying to figure out how to let kids interact with each other while staying 6 feet apart? Not sure what to do with all those pool noodles in the resource room? Introducing the Pool Noodle Praise Crowd Breaker Game! 

In this game, each child is given a pool noodle. They walk around the room, find a friend, and praise the Lord together by following the prompts on the screen.

The rules are simple:

1. Get your pool noodle.

2. Walk around the room but stay a pool noodle distance away from everyone else.

3. Find a friend and follow the instructions on the screen!

Every 30 seconds they find a new friend to praise the Lord with.

Pool Noodle Praise includes 10 rounds of play and praise.

This download includes: 

  • Title slide
  • Instruction slides
  • Video version
  • PowerPoint version
  • Keynote version
  • Graphics for ProPresenter or other presentation software

See preview video here: