Precious in His Sight: A Family Devotional about Racial Issues

Precious in His Sight: A Family Devotional about Racial Issues

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Use this set of 6 family devotions to equip parents to have conversations with their kids about racial issues from a biblical perspective. This devotional resource is based on six biblical truths that inform our views on race, equality, and justice. Each devotional includes Scripture, discussion questions, and an easy object lesson families can do from home using supplies they probably already have around the house. See a preview of the first devotional below.

Encourage families to go through these devotions over the span of 6 weeks (one devotion a week) or over a week (one devotion a day), or on another timeline of your choosing. The included parent email template and social media graphics can help you communicate with and remind parents of this resource.

This devotional covers these truths over 6 different sessions:

  • We are all made in the image of God. (See a preview of this truth’s devotional below.)
  • God loves all people.
  • We should love others the way God loves.
  • We can celebrate our uniqueness.
  • We are called to unity.
  • We are called to stand up for what is right.

This downloadable resource for families includes:

  • 6 devotions to open conversations about racial issues with kids and point them to God’s truths from the Bible. (PDF and editable text-only .docx version)
  • Each devotion includes Bible verses, discussion questions, and an easy object lesson to help kids understand and apply the Bible truth
  • Instructions for parents & a parent email template to help you communicate about the resource (.docx)
  • A list of resources for parents for further conversations about the topic (PDF & .docx)
  • 10 graphics you can use on your ministry’s social media accounts (.png)