Preschool Playdate: Brown Bag Hunt

Preschool Playdate: Brown Bag Hunt

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As the fall season rolls around, use this download as a way to host an easy, fall Preschool Playdate at your local park! Preschool parents have the chance to connect with you and with each other, and their preschoolers have a blast exploring God’s creation and creativity in the fall. Win-win!

All you need are some brown lunch bags and this download to pull off this event.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Print out copies of both pages. Pick a time and a park to meet at, then add those details to the first page copies.
  2. Hand out these “invites” to your preschool families. Even if they can’t make it, now they have a fun activity to do with their preschooler at home!
  3. For those who can make it, attach the second page to brown bags, and meet families at the designated park at the designated time for a Brown Bag Fall Hunt their preschoolers will love. Preschoolers find the objects on printable and collect them in their brown bags.

This download includes:

  • PDF and customizable Word doc copies of the Brown Bag Fall Hunt Printable
  • Customizable Planning Checklist to make set-up and promotion a breeze
  • Instructions and tips for setting up your Preschool Playdate
  • 3 Social media images (.png files) to add your own details and promote your preschool playdate online