Sound It Out On Screen Game

Sound It Out On Screen Game

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A brain-teaser of a game where kids try to identify Bible people, places, and events by sounding out individual words. It's starts out easy and gets harder!

Game includes 12 rounds:

  1. Bible Story - KNOW WAS HARK (Noah's Ark)
  2. Bible Character - BARN HUB BUS (Barnabas)
  3. Bible Character - JAW SHOW UH (Joshua)
  4. Book of the Bible - CALL LAW SHUNS (Colossians)
  5. People Who Knew Jesus - UP HOSS HULLS (Apostles)
  6. Bible Location - JAR ROOTS HALL HAM (Jerusalem)
  7. Bible Character - PAWN CHESS PILE HUT (Pontius Pilate)
  8. Something Jesus Did - HEEL DAB LINED PURSE SUN (Healed a blind person)
  9. Bible Occupation - TACK SKULL HECK TAR (Tax Collector)
  10. Bible Story - THUG HOODS HAM AIR AT TEN (The Good Samaritan)
  11. Heavenly Vehicle - CHAIR HE YET TOUGH IRE (Chariot of Fire)
  12. The Disciples Saw Jesus Doing This - WOK KING GONE WHAT HER (Walking on Water)

York id swill of vet! (Your kids will love it!)

See the preview video here: