Sound It Out Volume 2 On Screen Game

Sound It Out Volume 2 On Screen Game

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A second edition of this brain-teaser of a game where kids try to identify Bible people, places, and events by sounding out individual words. It's starts out easy and gets harder!

Game includes 12 rounds:

  1. Bible City - CHAIR RICK GO (Jericho)
  2. Book of the Bible - KNEE HAM HIGH UH (Nehemiah
  3. Bible Location - GUARD HEN UH FEED HEN (Garden of Eden)
  4. Missionary Team - PAW LAND SIGH LOSS (Paul and Silas)
  5. Grave Guardians - ROW MANS OLD YOURS (Roman Soldiers)
  6. Bible Region - SUM HAIR HE HUH (Samaria)
  7. One Brother Bought It From Another - ABE HOLE HUFFS TOO (A Bowl of Stew)
  8. One of Jesus' Miracles - RED SIR HECK DID LASS HER US (Resurrected Lazarus)
  9. Bible City - AND TEA HOCK (Antioch)
  10. Part of the Hebrew's Journey - CRAW SING THERE HEADS HE (Crossing the Red Sea)
  11. A Father's Gift - CODE TOUGH MEN HE CALL HERS (Coat of Many Colors)
  12. Bible Mode of Transportation - RYE DING AD HONK KEY (Riding a Donkey)

York id swill of vet! (Your kids will love it!)

See the preview video here: