That Kid's Got Talent Crowd Breaker Game

That Kid's Got Talent Crowd Breaker Game

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This game is the perfect ice breaker or time-filler when you need to stretch the clock. You put a slide on the screen with a challenge and let the kids show off their talents!

You can let one kid show their talent... or let two kids compete against each other... or let everyone in the room (or on Zoom) participate! 

Challenges include: Who can stand on your hands? Who can do something silly that will make everyone laugh? Who can do the chicken dance? Who can tell a funny joke? and more!

There are 19 super-fun challenges included in this game.

This download includes:

  • Title slide (.jpg)
  • 21 game slides (.jpg)
  • Keynote file
  • PowerPoint file
  • A video version file (.mp4)

See preview video here: