The God-Father [Father's Day Lesson]

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Many children today are forced to live without a Dad. Whether it’s because of death, divorce or pre-marital pregnancy, living without a Dad is very difficult for children to cope with.

While living without a Dad can be hard, children can rest in the fact that we ALL have an incredible Heavenly Father who has promised to be there for us no matter what. If times get tough, He’s there. If we mess up and sin, He’s still there. He’s not going to leave us no matter what!

In this lesson, the children will learn that all of us have the same Heavenly Father who is perfect in every way! Father’s Day celebrates our earthly fathers, but EVERY day can be a day to celebrate our Heavenly Father.

This stand-alone lesson includes: lesson, small group lesson, family take home, PowerPoint, lesson videos, and graphics.