This iKnow Unit 6: Those Crazy Animals [Preschool]

This iKnow Unit 6: Those Crazy Animals [Preschool]

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This is 13-week teaching unit published by KidzMatter.

Get to know some of God’s special creatures. Each lesson will use a characteristic of an animal to connect with the Bible story. For the story of Nicodemus, we use the bat, because it comes out at night and that’s when Nicodemus went to Jesus. For the story of Lazarus, we’ll find out that the elephant is the only animal who mourns its dead. And, for Zacchaeus, don’t you think he wished he could’ve been a little taller, maybe like a giraffe. If you’ll add these animals each week to your environment, you’ll find that the kids will remember something about the story because of their connection to what they’ve learned about the animal. Have fun with those crazy animals!

What’s included:
Bible-based lessons
Object lessons
Take-home sheets
And lots more!

Click here for a sample lesson.

This iKnow Preschool is for ages 2 years-PreK. You can also find the elementary version of this unit here at KidzMatter.

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.