This iKnow Unit 9: Dial 911 Emergency! [Preschool]

This iKnow Unit 9: Dial 911 Emergency! [Preschool]

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This is 13-week teaching unit published by KidzMatter.

If they'd had a cell phone, 9-1-1 would have been on speed dial! This quarter we’ll learn about people who cried out to God in their emergency. They dialed 9-1-1, G-O-D. They had faith that God was there no matter what the situation. We teach our kids to dial 9-1-1 when there’s a fire. Let's also teach them to rely on God as the initial response in their emergencies, rather than when all else fails.

What’s included:
Bible-based lessons
Object lessons
Take-home sheets
And lots more!

Click here for a sample lesson.

This iKnow Preschool is for ages 2 years-PreK. You can also find the elementary version of this unit here at KidzMatter.

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.