Watch the Hand Crowd Breaker Game

Watch the Hand Crowd Breaker Game

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This game is perfect the next time you need to stretch the clock or get the kids up and moving! It's a fun version of 4 Corners. 

Number each corner in the room. When the kids are told to "go" they must run to a corner. When they are told to stop, they stop at the corner where they are at. Then it's time to watch the hand! 

A hand will appear on the screen with 1 to 4 fingers in the air. If the corner they are in is that number, they are out!  When they are out, they return to their seats. Everyone else finds a new corner. 

This download includes:

  • Title slide (.png)
  • Instruction slides (.png)
  • Game slides (.png)
  • Keynote file
  • PowerPoint file

Although this game isn't ideal in video format, we made a video preview so you could see what the slides look like. Enjoy and have fun!