Watch Your Mouth Teaching Lesson

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“Watch your mouth!” This phrase has been uttered by many parents, teachers, and Children’s Leaders when dealing with children. Too often, children speak WAY before they think! More often than that, the words that are spoken do a lot of damage to others.

Learning to control the tongue is one of the hardest things a child can learn. In this lesson, the children will learn that we should use our tongue for helping others instead of hurting them, for telling the truth instead of lies, and for sharing the gospel instead of spreading gossip.

They will learn the destructive power of the tongue and how to handle it when they start to lose control of their tongue and their words.

Includes the following:







"GRAPHIC SLIDES" (graphic slides in both PowerPoint and JPG format to enhance every part of the service)

"SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE" (small group lesson to reinforce lesson)

"FAMILY DEVOTION" (send home for parents to reinforce what was learned in Large Group)

"BRAIN DRAIN REVIEW GAME" (see how much the kids learned)

This is a downloadable ZIP file. Open the file to find the Quicktime video files and all Data files included.