We're Going on a Prayer Hunt

We're Going on a Prayer Hunt

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“Going on a Prayer Hunt” Interactive Prayer Experience is a unique “scavenger hunt” style event intended to give kids unique ways to connect with God and introduce them to prayer!

This event can be done in a large group setting, with small groups, or with families – in a large space, multiple classrooms, or ideally, outside! Kids walk through 6 stations with adults, introducing them to unique ways of prayer, including “Chalk Prayers,” “Bubble Prayers,” “Lego Prayers,” & more!

This download includes: 

  • “Prayer Hunt” Printable Sheet for Each Child (PDF, PNG & Canva Template – Canva Pro account required)
  • Leaders’ Guide & Small Group Instructions Guide (PDF & Word)
  • Station Posters (PDF)
  • Supply List (.docx)
  • Graphics for promotion (.png)

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