What If [Single Christmas Lesson

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WHAT IF birds were afraid of heights?  WHAT IF everybody on Earth jumped all at once?  WHAT IF money really did grow on trees?

There are many WHAT IF questions we all have.  But, when it comes to Christmas – there are some WHAT IF questions about Christmas that have major impact.  WHAT IF the shepherds weren’t invited to the manger?  WHAT IF it were only the wise men who brought the gifts?

The shepherds were ordinary people.  They were just like you and me.  They weren’t rich scholars like the wise men.  They didn’t have gifts to bring the baby Jesus.  They were just poor shepherds who heard an angel choir announce the birth of the King of Kings.

But WHAT IF???  WHAT IF God had not invited the average, the ordinary, the regular people to come to the manger?

Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  In this lesson, your kids will hear the story of that first Christmas Day and how the shepherds were invited to the manger where Jesus was laid.  How awesome it is that God sent His son not only to the important people…but to ALL people.  What an amazing Christmas Gift!  Jesus, the Son of God.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Includes the following:
“The Spark” Intro Video
“Whatchagaddaknow” Video—Big Ray teaches “Whatchagaddaknow”
Character Skit
Offering Time
Game Time!
Bible Story – “Christmas Story”
Power Verse (no video)
Call To Action
Small Group Experience