What's for Dinner? Funbook

What's for Dinner? Funbook

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Did you know that a dining room table is one of the best discipleship tools ever invented?

Nothing brings people together, opens up conversation, and softens hearts like a good home-cooked meal.

What's for Dinner? Funbook was designed to help parents nourish their children's souls and to make time around the table a highlight of their day.

Packed with simple tips, lots of cheesy jokes, riddles for all ages, questions that will spark meaningful conversations, prayers especially for these troubling times, and devotions that will turn hearts toward God’s truth, this funbook will give parents the tools needed to disciple their children around their dining room tables.

What's inside?

This is a 20-page professionally designed PDF funbook (8.5" x 11", Letter-size) packed with engaging activities families can do around their dinner table.

All activities are self-guided, and include:

  • Questions to Ask
  • Games to Play
  • Scriptures to Explore
  • Things to Try
  • Prayers to Pray
  • Games to Play
  • Jokes to Crack
  • Wisdom to Live By
  • Riddles to Solve

Download and print as many copies as you need.

Kids and parents will enjoy receiving these in the mail or finding them in a goodie bag they picked up during your church’s drive-thru campaign.

You could also send the PDF via email for families to print out on their own or simply to open up on their tablets or smartphones.

Either way, the families of your church will be blessed by this 20 page “Guide to Delightful Family Meals During Quarantine!”

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