Would You Rather (Christmas) On Screen Game

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Choose between two Christmas-themed options in this kid-favorite game of Would You Rather!

Would you rather have a red nose like Rudolph or be green like the Grinch? Would you rather sled super-fast down a hill or have an epic snowball battle?  Wash your hair with mashed potatoes or brush your teeth with eggnog? This on-screen game encourages all kids to participate and share their opinions with friends. This resource has 11 interactive rounds in total.

This versatile game has multiple options for playing:

  1. PPT (.pptx) or graphic slides (.jpg)
  2. 5-minute countdown video - pre-service icebreaker – no game host needed
  • voice-over option for non-readers (.mp4)
  • music and countdown clock only (.mp4)

3. 5-minute video as in-service crowd game

  • voice-over option for non-readers (.mp4)
  • music only with no voiceover so you can host (.mp4)

This download includes: 

  • Editable PPT (.pptx) file with title slide, 11 questions, & end slide
  • Graphic slides (.jpg) with title image, 11 questions, ending image, and blank background image
  • (4) 5-min. Would You Rather Video options with fun music (MP4s)
    • Countdown Clock & Narrator
    • Countdown Clock (no narrator)
    • Narrator (no clock)
    • Music only (no clock & no narrator)

See the preview video here: