Big Mo: Elementary Version

Big Mo: Elementary Version


When you look at the life of Moses, you find an exceptional relationship that Moses had with God. Moses had a one-on-one, face-to-face relationship with God. It was a relationship like no other! They were alone together at the burning bush. They were alone together on Mt. Sinai when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. When Moses came to the end of his life, God Himself, yes God Himself, buried Moses!

Moses was a BIG part of the Old Testament. He was a BIG believer in the One True Jehovah God. He was BIG MO. And it’s a BIG deal for us to learn more about God as we study the life of Moses.

The 5 lessons in this unit will challenge kids to begin their exploration of the life of Moses. Along the way, they’ll see themselves in the way the Israelites reacted to Moses and his position. They’ll learn to recognize what God requires of each of us and respect Him for loving us enough to provide His law. And, they’ll acknowledge how God worked in Moses’ life, and how He can work in theirs, also.

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