The story of Jesus' death and resurrection is not ONE simple story! Tina Houser provides Sunday school teachers, children's pastors and children's workers with elements to make each part of Jesus' last week come alive to your kids!

This book includes:

- Nineteen stories that occurred during Easter Holy Week.

- Four more stories that occurred before Christ's Ascension.

- Between two and four activities per story such as: games, crafts, snacks, science experiments, storytelling ideas and/or object lessons.

- Two outreach activities to use during the Easter season that will encourage parents and grandparents who do not attend church regularly to include worship as part of their Easter celebration.

Tina says, "We can't allow the Truth to fall under the shadow of a giant rabbit costume." She shows us in this book how "to enjoy both the celebration of our culture and still keep our eyes fixed on Jesus."

"Celebrate everything Jesus went through that week, so when Easter Sunday arrives, your kids are ready to pull out all the stops and rejoice that…Jesus is alive!"

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