Good Things Come in Small Packages: Preschool Version

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Preschool Version


This 4-week unit of KidzMatter Curriculum will help your kids see that they can have a huge impact as they follow the Lord. They don’t become important to God when they grow up, but are precious to Him right now. They are significant in the Kingdom! We all long for significance, and you can instill that in kids now.

This unit looks at 4 biblical accounts:

• The story of Naaman’s little slave girl.

Your kids will be challenged to deeply care for the well-being of their enemies. Start showing kids now that they can love even those who are difficult to love.

• The account of Samuel listening to God.

Teach your kids to not just talk to God, but to be still and listen to Him. God speaks to kids!

• A boy shared his lunch.

Help your kids see the enormous impact they can have when they give of themselves. God will use what they offer Him in great ways.

• Jesus loved on kids.

He made a point of recognizing and including kids when He spoke to the crowds. He even challenged adults to be more like kids. Kids can set the example!

Through each engaging lesson element your kids will see how they, too, are valuable to God!

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