It's Not Junk It's Resources!

It's Not Junk It's Resources!


Don't throw away that coffee can! If you're short on cash you can still score high on creativity! Using everyday objects most of us have lying around or ready for garbage pickup, Tina Houser shows us imaginative ways to make great children's storytelling props, activities, games and classroom décor that reinforce Bible stories.

As Tina says, "When we lack the resources others have because of low finances or little vision for children's ministry, there is a tendency to believe we can t do BIG things and FUN things with kids. Nonsense! Don’t look at what other churches have and feel defeated. Don’t let a lack of funds and resources inflict its negativity on your creativity! Have you ever seen small children at Christmas after they’ve opened all the presents? If there is a big box left in the midst of the toys, more than likely they’ll find themselves inside it or under it. The box...the garbage...the junk is what they find most intriguing. So, I invite you to join me in ministering to children by using some objects others might call junk, but you and I can put to good use as resources."

Let's get creative!

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